Pennsylvania Police brutality, Illegal Search & Seizure Lawyer

As Americans, we enjoy legal protections that are unknown in many other counties. However, unless something happens to violate them, our rights are easy to take for granted. Moreover, when something does happen, we often have little knowledge about our options.  Our Philadelphia PA law firm  advocates for people whose civil rights were violated by law enforcement, jail personnel and other public employees.

Our Pennsylvania civil rights lawyers support the police and know that they provide a vital service to society by protecting people from crime and violence. However, we also know that law enforcement organizations are often unwilling to police themselves with the same aggressiveness that they use when pursuing criminals. In some instances, police officers fail to operate with the integrity and fairness that the public deserves, violating citizens' rights and damaging their own reputations.

Our Civil Rights Practice

Our Philadelphia ciivil rights attorneys assist people who suffered violations of their rights. We are aggressive advocates for our clients, believing that only by bringing civil rights claims will law enforcement begin to reform its most damaging practices. Our lawyers seek compensation for clients, including those who suffered physical and emotional damages resulting from police misconduct. Our cases involve a wide variety of matters, from illegal search and seizure to police brutality.

Our law firm brings claims forward under the Fourth, Fifth, Eighth and Fourteenth amendments to the U.S. Constitution. The protections offered by these amendments and numerous federal and state statutes give our clients grounds for action. Our attorneys have been successful in many cases, obtaining settlements and verdicts against city, county and state law enforcement organizations.

If you or a loved one has experienced a violation of your civil rights in Pennsylvania, contact our Philadelphia civil rights law firm to schedule a no-cost consultation about your situation.

You pay no legal fees unless we win. Conveniently located across from City Hall in downtown Philadelphia.

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